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Chris Lester started Twin Lakes Snow Removal in October of 1991. 
"Twin Lakes" was chosen because it was originally operated out of a home on Twin Lakes, located west of Spicer.  By 1994 Chris was providing year-round services such as Lawn Maintenance, Dock Services, Landscaping and Tree Trimming and Removal.  Sara Joined the company in 1996 and on April 1 of 2000 we incorporated adding the Inc. to our name.
Twin Lakes Services, Inc. does not fill its crew with bodies like other companies may do.  Currently we employ around 14 property care professionals and have found that a smaller number of applied crew members provide the personalized service our customers want.  We strive to present ourselves as a professional, knowledgeable, and caring business to our community.  As one of the fastest growing home-based businesses in Spicer, our image is very important to us.  If you think you are right for our business, our "Dream Team" may have a position for you.