Snow Removal Programs:
We have several different services to offer and are willing to customize any program to best fit your needs.  Commercial property owners’ please contact us for information on our commercial programs.

Twin Lakes Snow Routes: This service is performed automatically when snow accumulates to 3 or more inches. We have found that this program has been very helpful to our current snow route customers for the convenience of not having to call each time service is needed. We run a fleet of 9 trucks and operate on a 24 hour radio dispatched service during snow emergencies.

Twin Lakes Cabin Security: This program is designed for the security of summer homes.  Keeping driveways and/or walkways cleared, gives the impression that the home remains occupied during the winter months.  It also provides adequate access for emergency vehicles if an urgent situation may arise.

Property Inspection:
We strongly suggest this program to summer homeowners that are unable to regularly visit their property during the winter months. This service is typically performed once a month and/or during extreme temperatures. 
Inspections include but are not limited to:

Internal Temperature Checks: It is important to control temperature during cold weather to prevent plumbing from freezing and during warm weather to avoid condensation that causes damage over time and promotes the growth of mold.

Detection of Activity around Outside of the Home: During inspections we look for footprints or other signs that someone has been on your property.  If activity or signs of a break-in are evident, the homeowner is immediately contacted to determine what actions should be taken. 

Roof & Gutter Inspection: Heavy snow accumulation, melting and refreezing is damaging to the roof of a house or building.  If these conditions are apparent, we notify the homeowner to suggest having the snow removed. A bid would be submitted which is determined by the amount of snow to be cleared.

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